Massage at a secret hideout

So… I have been very busy ever since right after my music exams catching up with all the backlogs. And after my return from New Zealand (I will blog about it soon), I have not taken a breather.

Luckily god heard my calling; and this came in time and handy, last Monday after work I was so blessed to be invited to the very popular  Feet Haven Reflexology for a 60 mins session of therapeutic foot reflexology.

Kudos, now we all do not have to buy expensive air-tickets and take much needed annual leave just to go Bangkok for a good and cheap massage. =P


Note: the above picture is the official picture from Feet Haven’s website.

A little background on Feet Haven Reflexology. They have 3 branches till date located in Katong, Serangoon Gardens and Bukit Timah-which I went. Founded in April 2011, Feet Haven Reflexology is an award winning boutique foot reflex spa offering foot reflexology and body massage services to its customers.

The co-owner Mr Dennis Toh shared with me the benefits of foot reflexology is to improve immune system, energy levels and blood circulation. But most importantly, in my opinion, its therapeutic nature is to help you distress especially after a super long day of work.


See, so quiet and cozy, the best thing is, it is located near my house. And it is also the neighbourhood where I grew up in. It is just 5 mins walk away from my ballet school – Attitude Performing Arts studio.

As a dancer, we often neglect our legs. Doesn’t mean we have strong leg muscles, means we should take it for-granted. Prolonged negligence of our body can cause a catastrophic effect. Most common – muscle tear, muscle deterioration, tendonitis and etc. So remember to listen to your body, love them and maintain them with massages once a while.


The quiet waiting area. So classy and cozy.


This is their reception area.


One of their massage room.


And this, is my very good and dedicated foot reflexologist.


I am so refresh and happy after the service. No more #mondayblues.


Sorry for my fat face, this is not my angle, but it perfectly capture my very awesome masseur.

Super satisfied with the service, mostly because a) it is very near my house, can come back anytime when I am stress. b) the service is damn awesome, love talking to my masseur. And c) because the price is reasonably good value.

So if you stay in the west and you are interested to check out this place, checkout the address below:

Feet Haven Reflexology
Bukit Timah Branch,
5 Jalan Bingka,
Singapore 588899



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