Hair journey with J&J Hair Identiy

Well, so I have been wanting to do this hairstyle for the longest time…


And so I told my friend Sandra about it and she told me there’s a salon at Katong Square called ” J&J Hair Identity Organic Salon” who is special in using organic products and can help me fulfill my dreams.

So I’ve decided to take half day leave on 9th July so as I can have time to do my hair. =P My boss actually thought that I have an interview indeed…. -.-””


Turns out… My hair is… almost the same as the picture about. I am so happy with the result, despite having to seat on the chair for…. 7 hours just do colour, dye and style my hair. But it’s all worth it!

The two heros who helped me fulfill my dreams are… Jac and Harry. I am so honoured. =)


So here are more pictures of the final results. I will blog more about my experience with them when I have time. =P But for now, just… envy my unicorn hair. =PPPP




Till then, cheers. (:


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